You need to upgrade your Flash Player This is replaced by the Flash content. Place your alternate content here and users without the Flash plugin or with Javascript turned off will see this. Content here allows you to leave out noscript tags. Include a link to bypass the detection if you wish. is the online portal of The Creative Shop Mastering Studio, an award-winning, pro audio production facility, specializing in music mastering in all styles. We offer a custom mastering service and world-class sonic quality trusted by the music industry since 1996. Being simply the online interface of our studio means that you get the same results as if you walked into our shop - at a more affordable price.

Our three mastering engineers, Dr. J, Dave Evans and Rudy Klein have a combined mastering experience of over 40 years in just about every musical style, and our work has been getting raves by several high-profile artists and produceres. Our work include music mastered for artists such as S.Poe, King Ashoka featuring Grammy-winning Erykah Badu, Epic, Forgotten Future, Julius Dobos, / Grammy-winning Martha Sebestyen, The Placemints, All Funk Radio Show, Max Stallingand many others. We mastered the music used in major US movies (such as Adam Sandler's You Don't Mess with the Zohan, Zookeeper, MallCop, Born to Be a Star), national television shows and their soundtrack albums (such as Cartoon Network's DragonBall Z, When I was 17 on MTV), just to mention a few.

The following five facts make us different from most other mastering studios:

1 - We not only have latest technology, but also the knowledge to get the maximum out of it. We also utilize several custom mastering processes that we invented and used on countless records through the years. Unlike many mastering services, we do not use templates; when we work on your track, we start from scratch to achieve the best results.

2 - Our "fine tuned for mastering" ears and knowledge of audio allow us to get the most out of every detail & every second of your track.

3 - Because of our critical attention to the details, precision, and triple sonic environment testing process, we stand by the quality of every master that leaves our hands.

4 - Our experience with mastering music in most every style out there ensures that we are familiar the genre-specific needs of your music.

5 - Our approach: we understand your goals and where you're coming from. We understand music and the music business. We work for you, and our job is to take your mixes to the next level and help to make your music succeed, whether it's for release, movie placement, radio play or online use. We give your track or album the same attention as if it was our own, regardless of the size of your project.

More reasons to master with us

Through this website, you will enjoy all the benefits of our professional, world-class mastering service, which have helped many music projects to become award-winning titles, plus:

- options such as Fatten Up Your Tracks(tm), reference track/album sharing, mastering style chooser at no additional charge

- mp3 master file option, CD-TEXT and ISRC code embedding at no additional charge

- a free account with an easy-to-use file transfer interface

- our satisfaction guarantee policy

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to drop us a line - you can expect an answer directly from one of our three mastering engineers.


These days the way your music sounds can be almost as important as the music itself. Whether you're already part of the music industry or on your way there, producing albums or sharing your music online, you are competing with many great-sounding tracks out there.

It's essential that the impression your music is meant to create is not compromised by the way it actually sounds. Whether your music should be just well mixed or also professionally mastered, depends on your own goals and expectations:

If music is your hobby, and

- you mostly play music to entertain yourself or your friends and family
- you put up songs online just to see if people like them or not
- you are a band who mainly just enjoys playing together on weekends with no plans to sell their music

then professional mastering might be an overkill for you at this point.

If you are serious about music and expect professional results, for example:

- you are intending to release your single or album online
- you are an artist / band with a record deal, or ready to release album otherwise
- a writer or producer with a completed project such as a tv- or filmscore or radio jingle
- wanting to get funding for the release of a single or an album based on your demo
- breaking into the music industry in other ways (for instance a successful YouTube video)
- submitting a song for radio play or playing it in a club or at an event
- trying to license your song for a TV show or movie,

then having a professionally mastered track or album is a must. If you are an established writer or musician, then a professionally mastered track is a must regardless of its purpose (since you don't want anything less than great out there under your name).

You can try to cut corners. Simply running your tracks through the presets of a mastering software or plug-in can be a quick and cost effective solution, but it'll be far from the professional sound. Amateur online mastering services, recording studios with engineers not specialized in mastering, and in-house "mastering suites" of CD manufacuring factories may give you acceptable results, but your music will still not reach the potentials it has - those can be only brought out by specialized mastering studios.

If you are still not sure whether you need specialized mastering engineers like ourselves to create your Masters (as opposed to getting them from your mixing engineer, check out the MASTERING BASICS section in our FAQ here.